Tuesday, April 26, 2016


By Sniffles

Have you ever been in a situation where you did the right thing and didn't get any credit for it? And then saw somebody else do the wrong thing and get away with it?

The reason we're asking is that we cats know that feeling all too well. And we're seeing it replayed in the Democratic race for President right now.

Bernie Sanders is saying that he may not automatically advise his fans to support Hillary Clinton once she (and not "if" she, by the way) beats his butt for the Democratic nomination. "It is incumbent upon Secretary Clinton" to make that happen, he said.

This makes us cats really mad. (See above.) Hillary Clinton fell in line and worked her heart out for Barack Obama once he beat her in 2008. Why? Because any Democrat is better than the clowns the Republicans are running, especially this year. Gosh, even the very strange Jim Webb would be superior to the 2016 GOP clown car. There is no time for Democrats to squabble and bicker about petty differences when the alternative is so unthinkable. To suggest that we maybe should is liberal loser-ism in the extreme.

And by the way, we are really annoyed because, in our experience, it's usually the woman who has to be gracious, and the guy who gets off with the prize. Well, this time, Bernie Sanders, it's probably going to be you who has to suck it up. Start sucking. We cats HISS.

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