Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ryan Not To The Rescue

By Sniffles

We cats congratulate PayPal for giving their heretofore planned expansion to Charlotte the heave-ho, thanks to Pat McCrory and the Republican-controlled state legislature's collective freak-out over public toilets. We're thrilled that someone has made North Carolina pay not just for embarrassing themselves nationwide but for spending taxpayers' dollars on a special session to do it.

We just caution PayPal and other enlightened companies that want to attract high-performing employees to their ranks not to consider Mississippi any time soon, either. Or for that matter, Indiana — for a different reason.

The bigger mystery is why Republicans keep doing so much harm to themselves so publicly. A chaotic and absurd Presidential primary race, gay- and women-hating laws passed around the country, refusing to hold hearings on a Supreme Court nominee — the list goes on. Meanwhile, Beltway Republicans are telling themselves they'll survive a contested convention if a "fresh face" (read: Paul Ryan) shows up to save them.

Some pundits immediately became enthralled with the idea. Others have started pouring cold water on it. We cats did what we usually do — we checked on our friends over at Free Republic to see if they were keen.

Spoiler: They aren't. Here's just sampling of how annoyed they would be if Rancid Pieface and the elites try to wrest the nomination away for Ryan:

"Ryan is a good choice for the role of Designated Loser. He’s been there before and he’ll do it with style."

"I know I won’t vote for a Ryan nominee. Ever."

"I’m sure I along with millions hate that bastard Ryan."

"Why have a nominating process if you are going to end up with some hand-picked RINO at the end of the day? No, thanks."

Finally, this:

"I’m still trying to determine the best vote in November if 'they' force Ryan, Mitt, etc., as the GOP candidate. If Trump runs on another ticket, I’ll vote that ticket. If he ends up being 100% out, then I guess the options are to (1) write him in or (2) vote Libertarian or similar. Maybe this'll be the year the Republican party dies — with a whimper or a bang. We’ll see how that plays out. Which ever it is, good riddance."

We cats PURR.

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