Thursday, April 14, 2016

Scare-dy Cats

By Zamboni

Uncommitted (and squishily committed) delegates to the Republican National Convention are starting to complain that Trump supporters are sending them mean emails.

"Think before you take a step down the wrong path," warned one message that Kyle Babcock, a delegate from Indiana, says he received. "These type [sic] of threats have no place in politics," Babcock sniffed.

We checked on the Trump adorers at Free Republic to see how they were reacting to these allegations. Answer: They weren't. They had nothing to say about anything except to repeat their rock-solid conviction that the question is moot because their hero will win outright. "Trump will have more than 1,237 by time the convention starts. There won’t be a second ballot to worry about," said one.

Which tells us that for our friends the Freepers (and for who knows how many other nutcases who make up the base of the GOP), sending convention delegates notes that mention "burials" is par for the political course.

Kind of hilarious. Republicans are feeling threatened? Like they're being watched? Do they have to look over their shoulders, be wary of opening packages, and check underneath before they start their cars? Now they know how abortion providers feel. We cats HISS.

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