Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are Women Waking Up?

By Miss Kubelik

We cats heard the most amazing thing yesterday. Chris Matthews was discussing the recent birth-control-coverage kerfuffle with E.J. Dionne and Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan said that polls showed a clear win for the Administration. Matthews and Dionne cautioned that the issue could still carry political danger for the President — although they concurred that Obama may have picked up support from "women who care about contraception."

Yeah, only about 98 percent of all the women in America. Maybe Chris needs to get more females on his show.

Now, we cats are liberals, but we aren't the kind of radical feminists who seem to scare Rick Santorum so much. For example, we haven't given to the National Organization for Women since Eleanor Smeal claimed that Ronald Reagan couldn't possibly be worse than Jimmy Carter. (And we're not about to start giving to them now.) But we're wondering if it's possible that we'll look back on 2012 and say, gee, the Republicans shouldn't have pissed so many American women off.

That's because in just a short time, we've witnessed some remarkable events. We've seen the Susan G. Komen foundation implode under a tsunami of protest when they tried to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. And we saw President Obama outmaneuver the Catholic bishops while supporting Catholic women and families (in fact, all women and families).

Yet at the same time, here in Virginia, the House of Delegates has just advanced a "personhood" bill — not to mention another bill requiring transvaginal ultrasounds of women seeking abortions in the Commonwealth. (Yes, Virginia, your government wants to stick a probe inside you — and you'll have nothing to say about it.)

We cats, being fixed, rarely trouble ourselves with seeking birth control or abortions these days. But with these recent, high-profile fights about issues most Americans consider long settled, the country may finally be noticing something we've known for a long time: that the Republican Party has lost its mind.

While we're certain this will spell doom for the GOP in November, we still urge all women (and men) who "care about contraception" to show up at the polls this fall and toss these idiots out on their collective butts.

UPDATE, February 16: Two female members of Congress have walked out of Darrell Issa's hearing on contraceptive coverage today in protest that all the scheduled witnesses were men. Carolyn Maloney and Eleanor Holmes Norton thus refused to allow Issa and his fellow Republicans to cast the issue solely as one of "religious liberty" and not women's healthcare. Good for them! We cats PURR.

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