Monday, February 27, 2012

Voter Suppression: The GOP's Proudest Export

By Baxter

We cats are feeling vindicated. In the past, we've claimed collusion between Tory Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Rove-inspired Bushies, and the world has laughed at us. Well, the world may be laughing no more.

Ottawa is engulfed in a voter-suppression scandal that would make Jeb Bush and the American Republican Party proud. Gosh, it's so shocking that even the French-language media are carrying it.

Long story short, robocalls were made to Liberal households in 34 ridings (the Canadian equivalent of Congressional districts) — claiming to come from either the Liberal Party or from Elections Canada, and either harassing voters or providing false polling-place information.

How similar to the Bob Ehrlich robocalls to black areas of Maryland, assuring voters that the election was won and they didn't need to vote! Liberal Party leader Bob Rae has called for an emergency debate in the House of Commons to address the issue today.

So. We cats have always suspected that Stephen Harper had Karl Rove on direct dial. Were we wrong? Somehow, we think not.

(PHOTO: Chris Wattie, Reuters)

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