Monday, February 13, 2012

"A Thoughtful, Respectful Debate"

By Baxter

What a nice early Valentine. The Democratic Governor of Washington, Christine Gregoire, has signed that state's gay-marriage bill into law.

So on this 13th day of February in 2012, we have seven states and the District of Columbia. Slowly but surely, America — the country where, allegedly, anybody can grow up to be anything — is inching toward marriage equality.

We cats will not dicker about the details of the Washington law just now. Yes, we know it will not take effect for 90 days, and yes, we know that opponents are marshaling a petition campaign against it. Never mind that. We'll simply savor the moment — because you see, once the march toward progress begins, it can almost never be reversed.

One thing from today that amused us: A lonely, anti-marriage-equality guy in the happy, raucous crowd shouted "Don't betray Christ!" as Gregoire signed the bill. He was quickly drowned out.

We cats would just like to tell that person, whoever he was, that 1)., This is a matter of civil law, and has nothing to do with religion, and 2). Jesus Christ, whom we generally admire, never said squat about homosexuality. Squat.

Um, Don't-Betray-Christ Guy? Rudely shouting nonsense during a bill signing is not part of the (as Governor Gregoire put it) thoughtful, respectful debate that Washington State held on this important issue. So we cats say, STFU.

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