Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lest We Furr-get: The Real Elephant In The Room

By Sniffles

In the reportage of Republican hand-wringing over the possibility of a contested convention this year — Eugene Robinson's column today being just the latest example — we cats have yet to hear anyone articulate the real reason the GOP finds itself in such a fix.

The party that always nominates "the person next in line" had an idiot in the second spot in 2008.

Seriously. There's no other explanation other than the fact that John McCain, in an act that in our view was pretty close to treason, selected a running mate who — although adored by the GOP's bloodthirsty base — was patently unqualified to be President. This near-miss by the country, which soundly rejected McCain-Palin that fall, has become a festering wound for the party ever since. Would Republicans be thrashing about like this if it were otherwise?

Let's face it: The famous quitter from Alaska is a fool. So this year the GOP has had to tentatively anoint a frontrunner who actually came in third last time. But they don't love him, and the teabaggers detest him. That reality — along with primaries that award many delegates on a proportional basis — is making the GOP toss and turn and call for Daniels, Christie, Ryan and even Bush in its sleep.

After President Obama wins, we cats think the Republicans will look back on 2012 and find many reasons for their failure. But we're sure that almost no one will have the guts to blame Sarah Palin.

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The Cranky Copywriter said...

I thorougly object to the GOP having an elephant as its symbol. Elephants are admirable and intelligent animals and have deep feelings for their families and their herds. To represent the Republicans there are many other animals that would far more suitable as symbols: jackels, hyenas, scorpions, vultures, and buzzards to name just a few.