Thursday, August 25, 2016

And At Some Point We Have To Figure Out Why Trump Was In Mississippi

By Miss Kubelik

How do we think Donald Drumpf and his legion of super-haters would react if Angela Merkel came to the US and campaigned for Hillary Clinton?

Merkel is one of the bugbears of the alt-right Breitbart mob for many reasons, but a lot of it has to do with her steadfast support of liberal immigration policies. (Surely they pine for a German chancellor of an earlier era.)

But we're all supposed to be okay with Nigel Farage, the anti-immigrant Brexit jackass from the UK, coming to Mississippi (Mississippi?) and appearing with Drumpf. As we were reminded when Hillary gave her terrific speech in Reno today, Farage is a race-baiting, sexist moron.

Who's next? Marine Le Pen? Geert Wilders? We cats HISS.

P.S. Re that Reno speech: Contrary to what Donald Drumpf says, we don't think that the candidate who's beating him by 10 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll is "desperate."

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