Friday, August 5, 2016

SO Glad We're Us And Not Them

By Baxter

Since Donald Drumpf had the most nightmarish week any Presidential candidate could possibly have — and since he caved in to the Republican establishment and endorsed the Ryan-McCain-Ayotte troika at an event in Wisconsin tonight — we cats just had to check on our favorite teabagger friends over at Free Republic, to gather their thoughts.

They appear to be split — between those that feel endorsements are silly and meaningless, and those holdouts who just can't stomach any kind words for hated RINOs like Ryan. Here's a sampling:

"Now will Ryan and McCain stop sniping at Trump?"

"Let the chips fall. Bastards all."

"Sorry, this is a betrayal."

"Hopefully, they will lose anyway."


"I think we have been shafted again. Looks like Trump has done a 180 and is now mainstream Republican."

"He is now supporting the people he fought against. Depressing."

"Next comes the 'immigration compromise.'"

"I hope I'm wrong but I smell a rat..."

And it just goes on like that — for hundreds and hundreds of comments. Yep, the Freepers are mighty, mighty upset. What will they do? Get drunk tonight and beat their wives? OD on heroin over the weekend? Forget to register to vote in time, and get turned away from the polls on November 8?

Okay, so maybe we cats are being kinda snarky. But we're wondering: Wouldn't it be great if, after all this, Ryan were to lose to his teabagger upstart primary opponent this Tuesday? Knowing in our heart of hearts that that won't happen, we'll settle for Ryan winning by just 60-40 instead of 80-20. That would make us PURR.

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