Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The State Of The Secretaries

By Zamboni

Ruth Marcus is not our favorite Washington Post columnist, but she wrote something today that we totally agree with: The most dangerous thing that the batshit-crazy Republican Party nominee has said so far is not "Why can't we use our nuclear weapons?" but "The election is going to be rigged."

Yes, Donald Drumpf is stoking the fires of resistance, rebellion and death. It wasn't enough for the GOP to oppose a decisively elected, African-American Democratic President on every single issue, even if they hurt the country by doing it. Now, Drumpf is trying to cast doubt on a Hillary Clinton win. It's pitchfork and torch time.

This is totally ridiculous on its face — not just because the courts are wildly agreeing that it's the GOP that's been trying to rig the vote by denying minorities the franchise, but because of the simple fact that most Secretaries of State in November's battlegrounds are.... Republicans.

Florida? Ken Detzner, appointed by GOP Governor (and Trump supporter) Rick Scott.

Ohio? OMG, Jon Husted, a total Republican pig.

Georgia? We cats heard Jason Carter describe himself as being from "the swing state of Georgia" on TV last week, and although we know he was being cute and funny, we also kind of think he's right. The Georgia Secretary of State is Brian Kemp (yep, Republican).

Michigan? Republican. Colorado? Republican. Arizona? Republican.

Just about the only battleground with a Democratic Secretary of State that we could find is North Carolina. (Unless you count Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which, to our minds, are not nearly as much in play.)

So it's laughable that Donald Drumpf is starting to scream about the election being rigged. After all, we all remember what the very, very Republican Katherine Harris did in Florida 16 years ago. We cats do a huge eyeroll, and we HISS.

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