Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Hire

By Zamboni

We cats have never been shy about saying that the sudden checking-out of the execrable Andrew Breitbart in 2012 was far from a tragedy. We even had hope that his death would leave our nation a better place. But sadly, there are always new troglodytes and haters to take the place of the old. America, meet Stephen Bannon — the suave sophisticate pictured above.

Donald Trump's hiring of Bannon — a man with absolutely no campaign experience at any level — reminds us of the wisdom, which we recently wrote about, of putting Presidential bids in professional hands. What everyone seems to agree on, though, is that this is proof that Trump wants to go back to his pugilistic, primary-season persona.

So: Buckle up for more vitriol, more lies, more bombast, more bigotry and racism, more sexism, more white nationalism and all the other lovely isms that Trump loves to traffic in. Which will only increase the the numbers by which he's losing groups like suburban women and college-educated whites. Sounds good to us.

Meanwhile, a memo to Clinton HQ: Please continue to do exactly what you're doing. Stay laser-focused on the battlegrounds. Try to gradually expand the map, particularly to states where Democrats could steal a Senate or House seat. You keep doing that, and you could drive Trump into Goldwater-McGovern territory. We cats PURR.

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