Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sexting Anthony, Meet Amnesty Don

By Zamboni

No, we cats are not going to comment on the jackass Trump supporter and his defiant "apology" for tweeting Hillary Clinton in blackface. We're not going to waste time breathlessly anticipating Trump's "big immigration speech" tomorrow. And we're even going to refrain from discussing Maine Governor Paul LePage's latest mad dash outside the bounds of propriety.

Instead, we'd like to discuss the question of whether human beings are capable of changing their behavior. (We cats, of course, being perfect, have no behaviors to change.)

We've been thinking about it ever since we heard the news that Huma Abedin had finally had enough and was separating from husband Anthony Weiner. We now know that even after a series of self-inflicted public humiliations— including an entire film documentary, for heaven's sake — Weiner seemed unable to break himself of the habit of taking ew-y selfies and sending them to members of the opposite sex. Wow — we hope it was worth it, guy.

Call us cats flummoxed. There are several human worlds that we don't get — gambling, NASCAR, motorcycles, "Game of Thrones," beauty pageants — and sexting is one of them. We think, though, that it's less about sex and more about something else. Like maybe, inadequacy.

So, enter Donald Trump. Who also doesn't seem to be able to change his behavior.

Well, maybe he manages it for a day or two. The blather in Pundit World last week was that Kellyanne Conway had finally managed to get Trump to stop acting like a five-year-old — but then Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot to death in Chicago, and... well, you know what happened. It was back to the same old Trump (or, as the "Morning Joe" gang called him, "Amnesty Don").

If we had been on Joe and Mika's show yesterday morning (ideally, curled up in the lap of panel participant Howard Dean), we would have said that we don't know if the Republican nominee is a psychopath or a sociopath. But we're sure of two things: First, that something is deeply wrong with him. Two, that he would fiercely resent being compared in any way to Anthony Weiner. But we think the shoe fits. We cats PURR.

UPDATE: Frank Bruni of The New York Times has noticed the Trump-Weiner bedfellowship, too. We swear we posted this before we read it!

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