Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Note To GOP Cowards: You're Being Ridiculous

By Sniffles

Republicans who are trying to walk a tortured path between condemning Donald Drumpf's sociopathic outrages and not alienating their Drumpf-loving base really need a smackdown from the likes of Sarah Silverman. (Except we don't think a Sarah Silverman exists in the GOP — their loss.)

John McCain is the latest flabby example. Our choice of adjective might surprise you, since the statement McCain issued yesterday against Drumpf's Khan-bashing was blistering in the extreme. Two problems: He didn't take back his endorsement. And he said this: "I hope Americans understand that [Trump's] remarks do not represent the views of our Republican Party, its officers, or candidates."

Um — yes, they do. You guys freaking nominated him, John! He got nearly 14 million votes in the GOP primaries — more than any other Republican on record. We call that a candidate who truly represents his party.

It's too, too delicious that the GOP's 40-year gulling and mollycoddling of racists and ignoramuses have been unmasked in what will probably be the most devastating election in their party's history. But although we're basking in schadenfreude, their continued prevaricating on Drumpf still makes us crazy.

Who will be the first major Republican to have the courage to step off the tightrope and say that America cannot elect a walking, talking personality disorder? Mark Kirk is surely going down in flames come November, so who does that leave? Susan Collins? Kelly Ayotte? Somebody big needs to have the pluck to repudiate and rescind.

So come on, establishment Republicans: The winking and the nodding have to end. The teabaggers and the Freepers can't get any madder at you. And Ted Cruz is looking awfully smart right now. We cats HISS.

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