Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trump: Maybe "The Second Amendment People" Can Do Something

By Baxter


That's what we cats have to say about Donald Trump's latest verbal outrage. And that's coming from a bunch of felines who are experts at throwing up.

Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell? Care to react? Is there nothing — not even a veiled suggestion that gun nuts should try to take out the Democratic nominee for President — that will shove you off that very uncomfortable tightrope that you're walking?

If you're a regular My Cats reader (and if so, we rub up against you and PURR), you know how thrilled we are by the 2016 GOP nominee's recent string of hideous gaffes and idiocies. But this time, it's different. Considering the number of American leaders — not to mention ordinary people — who have put their lives at risk for a righteous cause, we are completely, totally and utterly not amused.

For instance, shall we discuss the abortion doctors who have been targeted and murdered for providing women with reproductive healthcare? Shall we talk about the civil rights crusaders who were beaten and killed for registering African Americans in the South? Shall we cite Harvey Milk, who knew in his heart that he was a candidate for assassination? (Heck, even Howard Dean had to wear a bullet-proof vest back in 2000, and that was just over Vermont's struggle to enact civil unions.) We salute anyone who's willing to shoulder the dangerous burden to make other Americans' lives better than they were.

The bottom line is this: How many of us would willingly make ourselves targets for causes that are greater than ourselves? Not many, we think.

We are reminded of Khizr Khan's dramatic declaration to Trump: "You have sacrificed nothing, and no one." So let's ask Republicans and conservatives like Michael Reagan, or the Ford kids, or the children of George Wallace — who actually have sacrificed something — how they feel about nutcases taking things into their own hands. What do they have to say about Donald Trump's statement today?

Because, goodness gracious, Trump has issued such a mega dog whistle that we cats are glad we're cats. And we HISS.

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