Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Conduct That Doesn't Fly

By Zamboni

Wow, remember when people dressed up and behaved when they flew on a commercial jet? Even with our nine lives, we cats barely do. But although we wouldn't want to go back to the time when flight attendants were "stewardesses" (and constantly under siege about gaining weight), sometimes we find ourselves yearning for travel in the days that the Trumpsters like to call When America Was Great.

How funny, then, that it's a Trumpster who is the latest example of how not to act on a plane. Thanks to a silly rant on a recent flight from Atlanta to Pennsylvania, this jackass is now banned from Delta Airlines.

No doubt the Freepers and the Breitbarters are up in arms that a vulgar, shouting fool who spent way too much time in the airport bar is now having his right to abuse his fellow passengers infringed upon. But although we applaud Delta's eventual (if not its initial) handling of the situation, we'd have preferred to push the guy out somewhere over eastern Tennessee or western Virginia. If he survived the fall, he could die along with all the rest of Appalachia's heroin-addicted, underachieving white men whose Obamacare is about to go away. We cats HISS.

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