Saturday, November 26, 2016

Vendredi Fou

By Baxter

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, not November, but they still observe the storied shopping tradition known in the US as Black Friday. Except here, it's not black — it's "crazy."

To us traveling American cats, though, the day seemed both crazy and black. As much as we've been able to get away from the drumbeat of awful political news back home, every now and then we get reminded. And, ugh... vendredi was indeed fou et noir.

Crazy in that it's dawned on us that this whole cat fight over Giuliani or Romney for Secretary of State is a total sham. Romney will never get picked. Because, of course, Vladimir Putin will make the decision.

Black in that Washington's incoming crowd of buffoons, fascists and clowns are citing Franklin Roosevelt's biggest mistake as precedent for keeping all those scary Muslims out of the US. How quickly can we write a big holiday check to the ACLU?

So, yes, we've had more joyous Thanksgivings. But we're not going to wring our paws and lament. We just have to figure out where things went wrong and, then, how to fix them. And we actually may find out something about that soon. We cats PURR.

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