Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Joe Walsh Said WHAT?

By Baxter

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh must have Halloween backwards. The rest of the year, he's a hideous right-wing freak — but just in time for trick-or-treat day, he becomes a semi-reasonable person. Witness this weekend's tweet: "What [James Comey] did 11 days b4 the election is wrong & unfair to Hillary."

Wow! Okay, we admit that Walsh prefaced that comment with a dig that Comey screwed up back in July. But gosh — we never thought we'd see the words "unfair to Hillary" coming from him.

In all this mishegoss, when everyone's nerves are on edge and vigilantes are arming themselves to go to the polls and 52% of America is feeling election stress, we cats are seeing a glimmer of light. A whole passel of Republicans are blasting Comey for his craven Friday-afternoon letter to Congress. Amazing!

It's tempting to think that our country might not be too far gone when GOP stalwarts like Karl Rove and Chuck Grassley — plus 48 state attorneys general — are screaming about this. Heck, even the newly goateed Alberto Gonzales is getting some revenge. Saying "you have to question the decision" is, perhaps, thinly veiled payback for the ride to white knighthood that Comey enjoyed after the famous John Ashcroft Hospital-Room Showdown of 2004.

Is allegiance to our nation's hallowed institutions more important than short-term partisanship? We cats would dearly like to think so. In times so fraught and fractious, it helps to do the no-drama-Obama thing, step back, and hope that Republican criticism of Comey means that all is not lost. It also makes us PURR.

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