Sunday, November 20, 2016

Passing Muster

By Sniffles

Just when we cats find a silver lining to the US's very dark November 8 cloud — like Alec Baldwin's SNL gig that vexed you-know-who so badly — we hear something else that really, really depresses us.

Like Kellie Leitch, a Conservative MP in Canada, who was so excited about the results of the American election that she released the following statement: "It’s an exciting message and one that we need delivered in Canada as well... It’s why I’m the only candidate [for Prime Minister] who will ensure that every visitor, immigrant and refugee will be screened for Canadian values."

Ugh. But let's look on the bright side of this incredibly stupid quote. Did Leitch realize the generally understood definition of "Canadian values"? Let's ask the current Prime Minister of Canada what those values are.

"The importance of diversity can sometimes be taken for granted," said Justin Trudeau. "But there is no doubt that we’re a better country — a stronger, more successful country — because of it. ...We're open, accepting, progressive and prosperous. There is a direct line between each of those attributes and Canada's success in building a more diverse and inclusive society."

So if Leitch wants to screen immigrants for those Canadian values, it's A-okay with us. We cats PURR.

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