Sunday, November 13, 2016

Moore Of The Same, Please

By Miss Kubelik

If there's one thing Michael Moore has never lacked, it's moxie.

While the rest of us were spending this week lying in catatonic shock (see above), Moore, undaunted, marched into Trump Tower to deliver a message. "You lost," it said. "Step aside."

He made it a few floors up before he was turned out. But the Secret Service allegedly said they would forward the note. Why not? After all, its recipient received nearly 700,000 fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. (Some say it's closer to two million. Goodness gracious.)

We cats both like and dislike Michael Moore. His "Fahrenheit 9/11" was a cathartic experience, his subsequent Oscar acceptance speech an embarrassment. (And you could argue that he wouldn't have had to produce an anti-Bush documentary in the first place if he hadn't supported Ralph Nader in 2000.) Moore can be prickly and litigious, predictable and tiresome. But we appreciated the fact that, as a Bernie Bro, he apparently learned his Nader lesson, realized who the true enemy was and turned on a dime to support Hillary. And right now, his post-November 8 pugnaciousness is an attitude we heartily endorse.

Once we can find the strength to snap out of it ourselves, we Democrats should follow suit. We should all call upon our inner Michael Moores and Howard Deans and Harry Reids, say "nuts" to everything the Republicans want to do, and, most important, call them out for what they are. Remember, it was Michael Moore who got Charlton Heston to reveal that, even after marching with King in the '60s, he was racist to the core. We cats HISS and PURR at the same time.

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