Monday, November 21, 2016

Yep, He's A Nazi

By Zamboni

We cats have the funny feeling that we're going to be writing endless posts on former Vermont Governor and (we hope) future DNC Chair Howard Dean making comments that get the right wing all upset and pearl-clutchy — and then, when all the dust clears, those comments being proven exactly correct. (This has happened many times before. We just haven't always written about it.)

So, here's the installment for today: Dean called Drumpf adviser Stephen Bannon a Nazi in an interview with CTV over the weekend. And Republicans, who never have liked being called out for the unsavory people they cultivate and coddle, are having a hissy fit.

Well, goodness gracious. Not only is Bannon's history completely Nuremberg-esque, we remember a time when the chairman of the Republican National Committee referred to the 44th President of the United States as "Osama" — and kept doing it even after reporters corrected him.

Apparently, that's okay. But correctly calling out Bannon for what he is? Unacceptable! The double standard is breathtaking. We cats HISS.

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