Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Crazy Is Back

By Sniffles

No, we're not talking about James Comey, although we all know that what he did last Friday was pretty loony. (Just ask President Obama.) We're talking about the stuff we're seeing on the interwebs today about the Trumpy side of the campaign.

White nationalists pledging to intimidate people of color at the polls, a black church burned in Mississippi with "Vote Trump" scrawled on its side, and the Republican nominee himself, after a few days of relatively restrained behavior, calling Hillary Clinton "very unstable" in another classic case of Donald Trump projection.

And we haven't even mentioned the press conference that's scheduled for 3 PM PST today. (Handy tip: The person giving it is bringing along her attorney, who is Gloria Allred's daughter.) We have no idea if the media will deem the presser important or if we'll all just keep talking about the stuff that they think really matters, like emails. Ironically, some guy at Trump's rally today kept screaming that it was Bill Clinton who was the rapist. Where are the Xanax?

On second thought, put that bottle down. Let's all ignore the dirty cat litter that's swirling in the air and just focus on the following facts:

Hillary Clinton has taken the massive organizational apparatus that elected Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 and improved on it, making it bigger, richer and more efficient.

Hillary can win even while losing several states that Obama won in 2012. Trump has no margin for error.

The demographic groups that Hillary will win will outnumber the angry white guys devoted to Trump. She'll take college-educated white women (something a Democrat has never done), a whole bunch of other women, a decent number of college-educated white men, African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans and Millennials — plus a respectable chunk of Republicans who cannot bear Trump, several Bushes among them. Yes, we've seen the headlines that African-American turnout is down. But the surge in the Latino vote should make that a net-net.

Would we feel better if we were back in the pre-Comey days? Sure. But if you had asked Hillary two years ago if she would be happy going into the last week of 2016 with a huge cash advantage, the best organization in the history of Presidential politics, a favorable Electoral College map, the endorsements of dozens of Republicans and Republican-leaning newspapers, and the most unqualified, erratic opponent she could possibly ask for — she'd have thought it was a trick question.

Eyes on the prize, as the saying goes. We cats PURR.

UPDATE: The press conference was called off today. Oh, well, there's still plenty of crazy in Trump World. Stay tuned.

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