Friday, November 18, 2016

"The Arc Only Bends Toward Justice If You Make It"

By Miss Kubelik

The man who we cats hope will become the next DNC chair drove the right wing crazy again this week. (It's a habit with him, which is one of the reasons we're fans). "DEAN COMPARES TRUMP WIN TO KENT STATE SHOOTINGS, BLOODY SUNDAY," the Breitbarters and the Town Hallers and the Daily Callers screamed. Goodness gracious — such silly and predictable outrage.

We know that it's not the alt-right's forte, but shall we engage in a little nuanced thinking? Here's what Howard Dean actually said.

"This young generation, which I think is absolutely great... they're so disheartened, so down and so tired and discouraged, this [election] may be their Kent State or their Edmund Pettus Bridge — where you finally realize that you've got to do something, that institutions matter, and, I'm hoping, that will be the call that gets this generation into politics and change everything."

In short, anti-Trump young people won't just stand by and be appalled — they'll be galvanized when the Republicans' cruel and hideous policies start affecting people in their lives.

The undocumented family next door that's torn apart. A sister or cousin or girlfriend who can't get an abortion. Relatives and friends who lose their health insurance. African Americans who are denied the vote. Muslims. Gays and lesbians. Disabled people. Themselves. The list goes on and on.

We'll have to see if the Trumpsters are able to do all the horrific things that their candidate promised. But if they accomplish even a fraction of them, they'll wake up 75 million young Americans who just might decide to rise up and take them on. In the words of Neil Young: "What if you knew her / And found her dead on the ground / How can you run when you know?" We cats PURR.

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