Tuesday, February 7, 2017

And Then There's That Piece Of Antarctica That's Breaking Off

By Miss Kubelik

It's dawned on us cats that an incredibly qualified woman — perhaps the most qualified candidate ever, as certain former Chief Executives have observed — was denied the Presidency last November thanks to 77,000 votes in three states.

Yet today, a woman who might be history's most incompetent and unprepared Cabinet officer was (barely) confirmed by the Senate to be Secretary of Education.

There is something deeply wrong when you work hard all your life, build your resume, perform countless hours of public service, play by the rules, win all the debates, and still lose the White House — but an uninformed religious zealot gets a Cabinet post because her right-wing family has given $200 million to Republicans.

We cats pine for the good old days, when instead of casting tie-breaking Senate votes, Mike Pence was merely screwing over his gay constituents and, in the process, Indiana's entire business community. The damage he and the Trumpsters are doing now — whether it's Betsy DeVos dismantling the Education Department, Scott Pruitt destroying the EPA or Rex Tillerson running State on his own business interests — is incalculable. It all makes us HISS.

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