Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Langley Natives Are Getting Restless.

By Miss Kubelik

We cats have good senses of smell, and we are sniffing out some serious unrest in the US intelligence community. Sure, it's been hiding in plain sight for awhile now — but we were reminded of it yesterday, when unidentified investigators confirmed to CNN some of the details in last month's sensational dossier about Trump and the Russians.

Clearly, somebody in Intelligence World is very disturbed about all things Trump. After all, how else do we know about this except for the fact that it was leaked? And apparently the Trumpsters see it as a threat, since Melissa McCarthy — oops, Sean Spicer — wasted no time in leaping to call it "fake news."

Some whom we cats admire have speculated that with the intelligence community concerned enough to leak away like this, the tenure of the current crowd of knaves and fools at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue could be "shorter than we expect." Which got us wondering: How, exactly, would that happen? Would Trump be impeached, which half the country now seems to want? We're thinking not. The Republicans are in charge of Congress — and then, ugh, Mike Pence.

So here's a scenario we like. Try this on for size:

The groundswell of opposition to the clown President grows to such a fever pitch that the Democrats take back not just the House but the Senate next year. Then, the House impeaches Pence first. (Why not? He's embroiled in the Michael Flynn Russian scandal.) Then, Trump. And after he's convicted in the Senate, Speaker of the House Tim Ryan — that's Tim, not Paul — becomes President. Yeah, it's the stuff that dreams are made of, but it sure would make us PURR.

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