Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Puzder Goes Poof

By Miss Kubelik

Wife beater and super-creep Andrew Putz — oops, "Puzder," we guess — will not be the United States of America's next Secretary of Labor. Frances Perkins can stop spinning in her grave. (And let's hope that Donald Drumpf goes on an unhinged tweetstorm to slam the Democrats and, especially, Oprah Winfrey for sticking a shiv in the wife beater's back.)

And wait, there's more: Knowing what a pathetic mess this administration is, it could be two weeks to two months before they nominate anyone to take Putz's place. Then another four to eight weeks before the Senate holds hearings and votes. So the pussy grabber may not have a Labor Secretary in place until... Memorial Day? And then how long until the successful nominee gets his (very definitely "his") deputies through the Senate?

The upshot? This will end up being a lost year in a key domestic department in a two-year Presidency. (Two years, that is, if the midterms go the way all the protests are pointing.)

Gosh— remember back when Drumpf said America would get bored with all the winning he was going to do? We cats are wondering if the Putz withdrawal counts as a win. If so, somebody please tell Drumpf that we will never get tired of this kind of winning. We cats PURR.

PHOTO: Frances Perkins, looking relieved.

UPDATE: Whoops! Looks like the Trumpsters had Plan B waiting in the wings all along. Too bad The New Worst Person hijacked the announcement with the most alarming press conference, ever.

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