Thursday, February 23, 2017

For The Love Of Pete

By Miss Kubelik

We cats try to be meticulous about grammar and spelling — so let us just confess right away that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg's last name presented us with a challenge.

But we're hoping that soon, we'll need to spell it effortlessly — because Pete Buttigieg will be elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. After surveying the horse race that's stampeding toward the finish line on Saturday in Atlanta, we think that this young mayor of Maltese heritage is the stuff that Democratic dreams are made of.

So, how young is he? Wow — incredibly young. (But remember, according to the Constitution, old enough to be President.) But that's part of the point. And we also like Buttigieg because he doesn't fit any cookie-cutter molds: He's an openly gay veteran of Afghanistan, a churchgoer and a gun owner, who's been twice elected in a red state — and who, by the way, was the only DNC chair candidate to personally attend the Women's March on Washington on January 21. (Knowing what a pain the ass it was to stand still for seven hours in a crowd of 500,000 people, we cats are impressed.)

And the fact that our fan fave, former Vermont Governor and former DNC Chair Howard Dean, just endorsed Mayor Pete doesn't hurt, either.

The other candidates are, make no mistake, just swell. But we cats really don't want the Democratic Party to get caught up in a lot of pointless arguments that rehash the 2016 Presidential primaries. We need to look forward, move forward, and not let the confrontations of the past define our future. Choosing a candidate who can't easily be pigeonholed into either camp seems to be the way to go.

We cats may be old — we have nine lives, after all, and we've already gone through a few — but we're not creaky. Or, at least, not creaky enough to stop caring about whipping the Democratic Party back into shape. The country's future rests with the people who are most likely to vote with us. Let's seize it together. We cats PURR.

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