Thursday, February 2, 2017

Protesters Chase Yiannopoulos, Free Speech Survives

By Zamboni

We cats are completely unmoved that poor widdle Milos Yiannopoulos had a speech canceled at the University of California, Berkeley because protests against him got wild.

Yiannopoulos is a far-far-right-wing hobgoblin and heartless abuser whom Twitter has deemed forever verboten — so it's unfathomable that a major university invited him in the first place. He only believes in terrorizing and trolling — not in the thoughtful exchange of ideas.

Yiannapoulos is so appalling that only the Jeffrey Dahmer Fan Club, Misogynists International and the Westboro Baptist Church — oh, and probably the Republican National Committee — would invite him to speak. So why did UC Berkeley do it? It can't have been a good day at the Development Office there. (Which is bad for them, because the New Worst Person, acting unhinged as usual, is threatening to yank the university's federal funds.) We cats HISS.

UPDATE: It appears that he was invited by the Berkeley College Republicans. See, we told you.

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