Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Oscar Night-DNC Meeting-CPAC Disaster Edition

By Miss Kubelik

As former Floridians, we cats fondly remember February as "season" — the month that brought us the best weather of the year, when important community events were held, and when temperatures usually got down far enough that folks pulled out their leather jackets for a night or two.

Now, across the country, this particular weekend in February has seemed like a sensory overload: We have the Oscars, the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee and the desultory CPAC, all converging at once. Here are some of our reflections on it all.

Oh, gosh, are we relieved about the election of the DNC chair. We so welcome headlines like "first Hispanic ever," as opposed to what could have been. Since the Bannons of the world favored Keith Ellison so they could scream about his Muslim faith, and since Ellison's early admiration of Louis Farrakhan gave us pause — well, that was a sticky wicket best averted, no? And we're glad that Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend will live to see another day. In fact, we think he's a shimmering, glowing star in the Democratic firmament — and we're not the only ones.

Baby Marco Rubio is living up to his nickname. What a pathetic coward. We cats think that constituents across the country should do exactly what the folks in Barbara Comstock's Virginia district did — hold town halls, set up an empty chair on the dais with a name plate and microphone, and have at it. Good visuals for the news the next morning.

We cats aren't sure because of course we weren't there, but from the reporting on the CPAC parties, things were kinda flat at the Gaylord. It's not as much fun now that they're in power and responsible for stuff, is it? As opposed to say, railing endlessly against the foreign-born Muslim pretender Obama?

Finally, we see already that a lot of celebs at Oscar night are sporting blue ACLU ribbons. Goodness gracious. Just as the right wing seems befuddled and disoriented to be in charge of a government they don't believe in, the American Civil Liberties Union is probably seeing its best fundraising period ever. The pendulum does swing, doesn't it? We cats just have to hold onto the fact that the universe of rights and freedoms expands rather than contracts. And we PURR.

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