Friday, February 3, 2017

Virginia On The Front Lines

By Baxter

We cats are proud that our state — oops, commonwealth — is front and center in the anti-Trump, anti-Muslim-ban movement that is rising up across the country.

We're heartened that US District Judge James Robart from Seattle has blocked the Muslim ban today, ruling that states like ours — Virginia — have standing against President Bannon's bigotry.

The Old Dominion, of course, has been drawn into the fight because Dulles International Airport — at which many lawful visa and green-card holders were unconstitutionally detained last weekend — is located here. But we'd like to think that our Democratic Governor, Terry McAuliffe, and our silver fox Attorney General, Mark Herring (sigh!), would have joined the fight anyway.

And we love the fact that our Democratic elected officials turned out at mosques today for Friday services — to reinforce their support for the Muslim community and to echo Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in saying that diversity equals strength.

What's that old line about awakening a sleeping giant? We're thinking maybe it's happening again, before our very eyes. We cats PURR.

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