Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Out Like Flynn

By Zamboni

We cats thought Donald Trump fired people. You know, that ridiculous bit from his silly TV show that we never watched? Turns out that like everything else about him, it was fake. Michael Flynn, Russian collaborator and latest Benedict Arnold of the 21st Century, has not been sacked but has resigned.

And as others have pointed out, Flynn quit for lying exactly two weeks after Sally Yates was fired for telling the truth. Ahh, Michael Flynn — who memorably accused Hillary Clinton of compromising national security and even led a chant of "Lock her up" at last year's Nuremberg rally — oops, we mean, the Republican National Convention.

So Flynn is out, but you know what? They should all be out. This administration is a dangerous disgrace. Trump is a pussy-grabbing, Constitution-violating, clueless buffoon, Pence a religious nut, Bannon a white supremacist, Conway an ethics-law-breaking Ivanka shill, Puzder a disgusting wife-beater, Rancid Pieface an "in-over-his-head" embarrassment, Miller a Hispanic-hating, voter-fraud fabulist, and in only the last three weeks they have all put the country at risk. And we only know the tip of the iceberg about this Russian stuff.

Republicans, where are you? The United States is in peril. Where are your clamoring, outraged voices that cried "email" and "Benghazi" until you were blue in the face? We cats HISS.

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