Monday, May 1, 2017

A Monumental Coincidence? Guess Again.

By Zamboni

We cats would like to salute New Orleans for its plans to remove a number of Confederate monuments commemorating Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, Robert E. Lee and the battle of Liberty Place. Clearly the city has recognized that the South's cause represented no kind of liberty if you were African. (And yes, it's been 150-plus years, but better late than never.)

The removal effort actually began in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, when the Bush Administration, in the words of Kanye West, definitively proved that it didn't care about black people. It gained new urgency after a white supremacist jackass killed nine innocent African-Americans at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. Still, you'll find lamebrains and losers (a.k.a. "Sons of Confederate Veterans") holding vigil by these statues of oppression.

We cats are struck, therefore, by the timing of Donald Drumpf's latest inane comments about Andrew Jackson and the Civil War.

They seemed to come completely out of left field — but we're thinking not. Drumpf's continued affection for the proudly slaveholding and Indian-massacring Jackson struck us immediately as an important nod and wink to his racist, idiotic base — a base that still feels aggrieved, even though their side is in control of virtually all parts of the US government. "They're taking down our statues!"

We rarely understand how Drumpf's mind works, but when it comes to him and that evil alt-right crowd of his in the White House, we're sure of one thing: Nothing happens by chance. We cats HISS.

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