Friday, May 12, 2017

Republican Face Palm

By Miss Kubelik

Now that we have proof that the President of the United States is insane, we cats just want to know: When in American history did the Commander in Chief have to cancel a visit to the FBI because he thought he'd be booed?

That's just one Rubicon we've crossed, folks, and we're only slightly over 100 days in.

Trump has been such a disaster that we're on sensory overload right now. But our overall reaction is this: If we were Republicans, we'd be furious — because while we're the first to concede that the office of the Presidency significantly constrains its occupants, at the same time, POTUSes can have tremendous power, bully-pulpit-wise. Trump has been handed this power, and thanks to his childish idiocy, he's throwing it all away.

So, goodbye, Republican agenda. That may drive them crazy, but it makes us cats PURR.

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