Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hey, What Happened To That "Win"?

By Zamboni

Before we cats dive into our opinion du jour, here's Paul Krugman's succinct take on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's support of the James Comey firing: "Just to be clear: Senior R in the Senate defending coverup of possible foreign subversion of US government."

Let that sink in: A possible foreign subversion of the United States government. Gosh, remember the days when the GOP said Democrats were the biggest threat to national security? Hey, Republicans, Max Cleland wants a do-over.

But we don't need to go back 15 years to have our little furry heads spinning. Let's just go back one week.

Last Thursday, Donald "Threat to the Rule of Law" Trump and thousands of wealthy, white Republican men were spiking the football in the Rose Garden — cheering that millions of Americans would be thrown off health coverage and would soon be dead, and gleefully plotting their next attacks on the tax code, Hillary Clinton, immigrants, Hillary Clinton, minority voters, public education, Hillary Clinton, reproductive health, the environment and Hillary Clinton.

Today, that same group of happy warriors is in full-blown Constitutional crisis mode, and talk of a 2018 wave election is exploding.

What a difference a week makes: This morning's chaos versus last week's premature Republican ejaculation. More proof that people who hate government don't know how to govern. If this keeps up, the GOP will be blown out next year worse than they were in 2006.

But in case the country can't make it until November 6, 2018, the obvious remedy is an independent counsel or commission, à la Iran-Contra or 9/11. A word of warning, though: It won't happen unless the American people demand it. Call, write, march! We cats PURR.

(IMAGE: We don't need to explain what this is. We do, though, want to point out what a heartless bastard, simpering idiot and unprincipled reprobate Paul Ryan is.)

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