Thursday, May 4, 2017

It's Polite To Write Thank-You Notes

By Sniffles

Now that House Republicans have, by the barest of margins, passed Zombie Trumpcare — with no CBO report, no hearings, no final print-out of the bill — we cats say it's time to get out pen and paper and write those thank-yous.

We'll even help with what you can say. Here goes.

If you're one of 24 million Americans on an Obamacare medical plan: "Thanks for taking away my affordable insurance."

If you have a pre-existing condition: "Thanks for making it impossible for me, with my [FILL IN THE BLANK: diabetes/congenital heart disease/breast cancer/asthma], to ever get coverage."

If you're an illness away from financial ruin: "Thanks for guaranteeing that having a medical catastrophe in a non-Medicaid expansion state means that I'll go bankrupt."

If you're a Trump voter in a state like South Dakota: "Thanks for making sure that my small rural hospital closes its doors."

For the rest of us: "Thanks for handing the House of Representatives to the Democrats in 2018!"

We cats PURR.

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