Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Answers Needed

By Zamboni

When will Hillary Clinton speak?

We cats are waiting. After all the hairball-inducing clips we've seen on TV of Donald Trump on the campaign trail, positively screaming about how Clinton should be thrown in jail for forwarding a bunch of low-level-classified emails to her own server, we think it's about damn time for her to let him have it. C'mon, Madam Secretary, throw a little red meat — well, okay, fresh tuna — our way!

Meanwhile, we need to ask a few other things.

A spokeswoman (read: lying blonde lackey) for Russia's foreign ministry says Trump leaking highly classified information is "fake news." Um, how can she be sure about that? Do the Russians know what information the US classifies and what it doesn't?

And who was the ally whose intelligence Trump betrayed? Looks like it was the one we suspected: Israel. Oh, to be a fly on Netanyahu's and the neocons' walls right now. And does this mean that Trump is no longer the evangelicals' "dream President"? They looooooooove Israel, don'tcha know. Will their zeal to make The Handmaid's Tale come true eclipse even their longing for the Rapture?

Finally, are there enough bushes in the Rose Garden to conceal the entire White House communications staff? We doubt it. We hear they're avoiding the press and are as miserable as they can be — and we're loving every minute of it. We cats PURR.

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