Saturday, May 13, 2017

GOP To Reagan: Drop Dead

By Baxter

Today's pathetic Republican Party swears that it worships Ronald Reagan — but in reality, the party has long since left Reagan behind, and Ronnie and Nancy are surely both spinning in their graves.

How do we know? Because Sean "In Completely Over His Head" Spicer had to hide in the White House bushes the other night, and only agreed to answer reporters' questions if they "turned the lights off." Resulting in the classic image, above.

If there's a better metaphor for this administration, we cats don't know it. But over and above even that, why haven't the Republicans followed the example of Ronnie when it comes to dealing with the press (and everybody else)?

We well remember how Reagan used to cup a hand over one ear and pretend that he hadn't heard Sam Donaldson when the ABC newsman fired questions at him in the Rose Garden. Why don't the Trumpsters take a page from Ronnie's sunny ways, rather than inviting speculation about quashed FBI investigations, RICO violations and more?

Well, one answer is that they're guilty as hell. The other answer is that their boss is dark, divisive and disturbed — as opposed to Reagan, who was merely dotty and cheerful. (Goodness, if only we Democrats had known how good we had it back then.)

But you know what? If there was one thing that Reagan was dark and focused about, it was the Soviet Union. ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!") This current GOP crowd? They love Russia. In fact, we think they have colluded with a hostile foreign power to subvert the autonomy of the United States.

Is there is a greater charge of treason than that? We think not. And so we — and Ronnie Reagan from the Great Beyond — HISS.

(IMAGE: Sean Spicer, hiding in the dark.)

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