Tuesday, May 2, 2017

John 11:35

By Miss Kubelik

As an op-ed in The New York Times reminds us today, the Republican Party is dominated by people who believe that Christianity is the way to go: "64 percent of Republicans, compared with 32 percent of Democrats, saw a culture grounded in Christian religious beliefs as extremely or very important," it reports.

So, yeah — Republicans are Jesus freaks. Why, then, do they hate their fellow human beings so much?

That's the only conclusion we cats can come to after some leading lights in the GOP keep making callous remarks about being on the hook for other people's health insurance.

The soon-to-fail-again Republican healthcare plan, opined idiot Congressman Mo Brooks from Alabama, will "free healthy people from having to pay the cost of the sick" and let insurers "[reduce] the cost to those people who lead good lives."

Tweeted deadbeat dad and former GOP representative Joe Walsh about Jimmy Kimmel's moving appeal for the preservation of Obamacare, "Sorry, Jimmy Kimmel: Your sad story [NOTE: It wasn't sad] doesn't obligate me or anyone else to pay for somebody else's healthcare."

Wow. Just wow. These Republican morons don't understand the concept of health insurance at all, do they? This has become clear ever since the hapless Congressional majority has attempted to slay the Affordable Care Act, but we cats understand that it's been a thing in alt-right circles for some time. Why, they wonder, should we even bother trying to promote healthy communities? As usual, they see no benefit to anything that doesn't automatically put money in their own pockets.

Whereas (sigh, here we go again), under the Affordable Care Act (or, we might add, universal healthcare), if more people get coverage and, subsequently, get healthier, healthcare costs for all of us can go down — and more providers serving (predominantly Republican, mind you) rural areas can maybe stay in business.

Now that we've explained the bare-bones basics of healthcare coverage, can we go back to that Jesus thing? Why do these so-called Republican Christians despise and resent their neighbors so? And what does Jesus himself think about it? We cats have a theory, and we HISS.

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