Thursday, May 25, 2017

Picture This.

By Baxter

It's been bugging us cats for a long time: Who does Jared Kushner remind us of? Pundits we admire have compared him to Norman Bates, but that may be a function more of personality than physical resemblance. Goodness knows Jared Kushner is super-creepy (and, as we now know, under investigation).

Then today we saw the photo at top, and it hit us: Hurd Hatfield in "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

Are we right? Or are we just seduced by the fact that Hatfield's most notable film role was the Oscar Wilde protagonist who sells his soul to the Devil so that his portrait, and not he, will age and decay? Dorian Gray goes on to live a life of sin and corruption — while his face in the picture reflects every horrific misdeed.

Want to see how Jared will look once his anti-American Russian escapades catch up with him? You can visit the picture of Dorian Gray at the Art Institute of Chicago. We cats PURR.

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