Friday, May 26, 2017

Big Sky, Big GOP Spending

By Sniffles

Yes, we know that Democrat Rob Quist lost the Montana special Congressional election last night by about 6 percent. But we cats are thinking maybe it wasn't that bad.

First, goodness gracious, but the Republicans had to dump a bunch of money into this race. In MONTANA. What swing districts are going to be harder for them to spend to defend down the road?

Second, they've been saddled with an idiot who beats up reporters. We're betting that Paul Ryan wishes he had a less-tainted member joining his caucus. As for us, LOCK HIM UP.

Third, um, okay, don't take this wrong, but didn't Bernie Sanders go all in on this race? Didn't appear to do much for the outcome, did it? But don't blame us — Bernie's not a Democrat.

But enough snark: The big thing is that the Republicans had to scramble to win this. We cats think we've gotten our money's worth in this race. Which merits a soft PURR.

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