Sunday, July 31, 2016

Panning The Gold

By Miss Kubelik

Around 10 years ago or so, we cats received an email from a woman we'd done business with in the Cleveland area. The email repeated a story about Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) refusing to meet with Gold Star Mothers at her Capitol Hill office. In her email subject line, the woman labeled it "interesting" — and clearly stated in follow-up messages that Clinton was an un-American bitch who would never defend our men and women in uniform.

Being Hillary fans, and appalled that the woman who sent the email would mix business and politics, we responded with a huge cat fight — swearing to never patronize her company again. And we haven't.

Naturally, it turned out that the report that Senator Clinton had snubbed the Gold Star Mothers was a complete lie. We printed the documentation and snail-mailed it to the woman anonymously — hoping that maybe, possibly, she had learned a lesson. (But maybe not. She was, after all, a Teabagger 1.0.)

Tonight, we're thinking about that woman, and wondering how she feels about her political party's nominee.

Our Presidential candidate — one Hillary Rodham Clinton, in fact — has never dissed American parents who have lost children in war. The Republicans, on the other hand, have nominated an insane pathological liar who is currently insulting a dignified Gold Star couple whose Muslim American son sacrificed his life to save his unit in Iraq in 2004.

So, Ms. Whatever-Your-Name-Was at this small business in Lyndhurst, Ohio: Are you feeling good about Donald Trump today? We cats would like to know. And we HISS.

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