Monday, October 31, 2016

Inconsistent News Network

By Miss Kubelik

We cats are confused. Apparently CNN is horrified that Donna Brazile gave John Podesta a head's-up about a question that someone was expected to ask at a town hall back during the Democratic primaries.

BUT, they continue to employ Corey "The Thug" Lewandowski as an "analyst" — even though the Trump campaign has continued to pay him since summer — and even though he's signed a non-disparagement/non-disclosure agreement that specifically prohibits him from saying anything negative about Trump or reporting any inside information?

This is crazy.

We don't necessarily disagree with CNN's decision today (although, since they had already accepted Donna's resignation more than two weeks ago, we're, um, confused again). But in light of their indulgent treatment of Lewandowski, it is all quite inexplicable.

If CNN has suddenly discovered its lost journalistic ethics, they need to apply them equally, all around. We cats HISS.

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