Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Feeling Expansive

By Baxter

The New York Times has a very interesting electoral map on its website today. Now, we cats realize it's only May and that things could change. But goodness gracious, we'll take it: Hillary Clinton, 347 electoral votes; Donald Drumpf, 191.

And yes, the Times speculates on other map scenarios if Drumpf were able to improve his polling by, say, five to 10 points. But applying our rule o' thumb (or paw, since we don't have thumbs), we cats still say oh, wow — we'd way rather be Us than Them.

In fact, we're feeling a little greedy. In light of recent demographic changes, we're not quite ready to concede Georgia, Missouri, Indiana or Arizona to the GOP. And guess what? There's been one general election poll taken in Utah — and Clinton is ahead.

Moreover, we shouldn't be quick to abandon Arkansas, Hillary's erstwhile home state. And let's not forget the African-American vote in Mississippi.

But this is an excellent place to start. Which is no doubt why the Clinton campaign is quietly laying the groundwork in key states for the fall. We'd hope that any leading Democratic candidate would be doing the same, and we cats PURR.

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