Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Or, Why Trump's California Boast Is For The Birds)

By Baxter

Donald Drumpf has said that he's going to make a big play for California in November, because he and only he can turn the Golden State to red from blue.

All righty, then! We cats say it's time for enterprising reporters to figure out exactly how Drumpf is going to do that.

Which means that journalists need to call the Drumpf campaign (and then the RNC — because the Drumpfs will refer them to them), and ask the following questions. Are you ready?

How many staff does Drumpf have in the state right now? How many RNC staffers are in the state right now?

How much airtime has the campaign reserved for the fall? It's not too early, you know. And how much airtime have all of the super PACS supporting Drumpf reserved? (NOTE: We assume they've figured out which Drumpf super PACs are real and which are not — but you never know.)

California's a big state. How are the Drumpfs going to organize it? How many staff will be on board come fall? How many offices? How many volunteers will make how many calls?

Or is he going to try to win with just paid media? If so, what's the budget? How much will be paid from the campaign, and how much from the super PACs and the RNC? How much time and in how many media markets? Or are they just going to try to get free media with his "shows" (known in normal campaigns as rallies)?

And after journalists are done speaking with the Drumpf campaign and the RNC, they should start chatting up Republicans like Meg Whitman and Neel Kashkari, who have run statewide in California recently, about how Drumpf should mount a successful campaign there. How's he going to build winning coalitions among Latino, black, Asian, young and female voters? Inquiring minds want to know.

Rinse and repeat for New York — another state Drumpf has bragged that he'll win in the fall.

You get the idea: The questions are endless. They're all completely substantive and pertinent. And we can guarantee you that Donald Drumpf has not given them a moment's thought. Dream on, Donald. We cats HISS.

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