Sunday, May 8, 2016

What If?

By Sniffles

So the famous GOP "autopsy" report has been blown up by a vulgarian, and the usually tongue-in-cheek young Cillizza lad over at The Washington Post has issued this grave proclamation.

And we cats have asked ourselves: What if the GOP had, indeed, adopted its own recommendations of inclusion and civility? What if Republicans had gone easy on immigration, harder on corporations, and welcomed gays and lesbians into the fold? Goodness gracious, but things would be looking mighty bad for us Democrats.

Think about it: For example, contrary to Donald Drumpf's current fantasies, there really would have been record numbers of people voting in the 2016 GOP primaries. And here are a few other sticky wickets we'd be dealing with:

The industrial-slash-Midwestern states which the Republicans have always dreamed about carrying would be solidly in play: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Florida would be out of reach for Hillary. New Jersey would be within the Republicans' grasp. New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada would be battlegrounds as always, but leaning red instead of blue.

Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Rob Portman, Richard Burr, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte would either be a lot safer, or cruising to re-election without a care in the world. Michael Bennet would be way behind in Colorado. Joe Heck would be way ahead in Nevada. And the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial race would be declared over and done with come November 9, once the Old Dominion's county-by-county, solid red Presidential returns are in.

Whew, what a nightmare. But, we're thrilled to say, only that. Thanks, Donald Drumpf! Thanks, GOP! Your loss is our — and the country's — gain. We cats PURR.

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