Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Presidents, Senators And Veeps Edition

By Sniffles

After a welcome break for red panda, we cats are ready to check out the political news again. Here are a few stories that have caught our eye.

Whoops! It looks like Susana Martinez is off the Drumpf VP short list. Which probably doesn't break her heart since there were riots at Drumpf's appearance in Albuquerque yesterday. Pretty soon Trump will start talking about how fat Susana is, don'tcha think?

We are not unqualified fans of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but all this talk about her stepping down as DNC chair before the convention is stupid. She is not a divisive figure because Bernie Sanders says she is. You wanna talk about divisive figures? Let's discuss Sanders naming Obama hater Cornel West to the Democratic platform committee. Now, that's divisive.

Meanwhile, it looks like Democrats will have another advantage over Republicans besides demographics this fall: two popular ex-Presidents, Bill and Barack, out on the campaign trail for Hillary-Whomever. And who has the GOP got? Well, there's The Worst Person Who's Ever Lived, who could rally a crowd of about 12 people. And his father, who doesn't get out much these days. And then there's the sainted Ronald Reagan — who's been dead for 12 years. Hm!

Finally, speaking of surrogates, we just love what Elizabeth Warren is doing. "Can Donald Trump even name three things that Dodd-Frank does? Seriously, someone should ask him," she said. Is Trump sexist, a reporter queried? "That’s like asking if he has bad hair," Warren replied. Trump, she added, is "a small, insecure man."

Her Trump-needling is just great. But should Elizabeth Warren be Hillary's running mate? Nope. A, we want her right where she is, firing away. B, Massachusetts has a Republican governor. Sorry, we can't lose the Senate seat. Other than that, we cats PURR.

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