Thursday, May 19, 2016

"They Are Strong-Arming Their Own Members To Support Discrimination"

By Sniffles

So now Justin Trudeau is apologizing again, but this time for grabbing an MP on the floor of the House and elbowing another MP in the process. True to their reputation for niceness, Canadians are really upset.

We guess they've forgotten that Justin's dad once told an MP to f--- off, yelled at demonstrators to "mangez la merde" (we don't need to translate, do we?) — and we think that he may have even punched a voter once. We'll have to look that one up.

Still and all, what happened in the House of Commons yesterday pales in comparison to antics in the US House of Representatives, where GOP leaders had members switch their positions on an LGBT-protection bill after the clock ran out. Seven Republican quislings changed their "yes" votes to "no," thus saying that sure, it's perfectly okay for federal contractors to discriminate against gay people.

Since the vote-changers were allowed to do the nefarious deed electronically, without revealing themselves, it took awhile to ferret out who the traitors were. But once the names came out, four of them — like the execrable Darrell Issa — turned out to be from California, rounded up by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (Guess where he's from.)

That's pretty funny when you consider how the California GOP, once so dominant, has been struggling to rise from the dead. We think this farce in Congress will put another nail in that coffin. And where are the Log Cabin Republicans on this issue? Will anyone ask for a reaction? We cats HISS.

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