Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Harry Reid's No Palooka

By Miss Kubelik

How often have we heard that Donald Drumpf's supporters say that "he tells it like it is"? What a laff. Our Harry Reid has Trump totally beat on that score.

Apparently assuming that the best defense is a good offense, Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson got into Reid's face this afternoon for stating that Grayson, who is under an ethics investigation, should drop out of the race for Baby Marco's Florida Senate seat. And the Fightin' Mormon proceeded to — well, fight.

"I want you to lose," Harry snapped, and then followed up with a blistering official statement — to which Grayson could only respond with a spluttering Trumpian twitterstorm, bleating about "the Establishment" and strangely calling his Democratic opponent for Senate a "GOP puppet."

Hm. We were a lot fonder of Alan Grayson when he was being rude to Republicans — and, oh, by the way, when he was not allegedly running a Cayman Islands hedge fund out of his Congressional office.

So Grayson picked the wrong guy to tussle with today. The thing about Harry is, he's so soft-spoken that people often miss the stiletto that's hidden in his hand. How different from the bluster and buffoonery of, say, Donald Drumpf. We cats PURR.

P.S.: At the same moment that Harry was telling off a sitting member of his own party, hundreds of elected officials on the other side of the aisle were contorting themselves into pretzels in their agonizing quest to accept Donald Drumpf. What a contrast! We cats PURR again.

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