Friday, May 20, 2016

GOP Philosophy: Let The Kids Be Born So They Can Star In Sex Tapes

By Zamboni

What an interesting day in Donald Drumpf World. We cats just saw a clip of his Hillary-wants-your-guns speech and were struck not just by the ridiculous content but also by how awful he is when he reads. More, please!

Which reminds us of two of today's Drumpf-related stories.

Mary Fallin has vetoed an unconstitutional anti-abortion bill in Oklahoma. Our first thought was, uh-oh — that'll drop her off the Drumpf running mate list! (Donald needs someone to buttress his nonexistent anti-choice cred.) But then it dawned on us: Maybe Mary Fallin doesn't want Donald to consider her. Seeing one ticket as a sure career killer, perhaps rejecting SB1552 was her other ticket — out.

Meanwhile, hot on the heels of having to boot a white supremacist from its California delegation, the Trump campaign is dealing with another delegate gone bad. Weapons charges! Child porn. Goodness gracious, what could be worse? (Well, okay, Dennis Hastert. But we digress.)

What caught our attention, though, was the official statement from the Drumpf campaign: "We strongly condemn these allegations, and leave it in the capable hands of law enforcement." Denounce the allegations, but not the person or the kiddie porn itself? What strange priorities they have. Is Trump, too, a connoisseur of child pornography? Let the rumor be spread. We cats HISS.

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