Monday, May 2, 2016

"Indiana Don't [sic] Want You"

By Zamboni

We cats know that Donald Trump has an 83 percent chance of winning Indiana tomorrow, and that Rafael Cruz, Jr. had a really suck-y day. But we still think it's possible that Trump will end up underperforming in Hoosier Country.

Why? Not because we think the whipper-snappers at have suddenly lost credibility, or that having a kid yell at you and voters question your citizenship to your face necessarily means that you're toast. It's just that we wonder how many of the lazy, beer-swilling, white-male trailer inhabitants who love Trump so much will actually make it to the polls.

Maybe they'll assume that the election's in the bag, and sleep in. Or maybe — no matter how many Trump rallies they've attended — they aren't actually registered. Or maybe they don't really care about politics, and have only shown up at rallies or counter-rallies to stand around with fellow white guys and shout for awhile. (Isn't that what the Ku Klux Klan did, when they weren't lynching black folks?)

Whatever the answer, we cats think that it's just possible that Donald's Hoosier numbers could end up in air-ball territory. Not enough to lose him the primary — but just enough to allow Rafael Cruz, Jr. to claim the mantle of the Comeback Kid. We cats wait, and we PURR.

UPDATE: Well, we were totally wrong on that, weren't we?

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