Thursday, March 16, 2017

About That "Fine-Tuned Machine"...

By Miss Kubelik

Aside from all the other disturbing aspects of Michael "Benedict Arnold" Flynn taking rubles from the Russians last year...

The other YUGE issue — at least for us cats, because we believe in government — is how this White House could have appointed a national security adviser who was openly on Putin's payroll? Did they know about it and not care? Or was their "extreme vetting" (assuming that they hold their own people to the standards to which they hold immigrants) extremely superficial?

If they didn't know, how could they appoint a guy who was such an unethical cretin that he would hide that information? What do they find appealing about a person like that?

Did he disclose the payments on the paperwork he filled out for the transition? Was there any paperwork for appointees to fill out?

Whatever the answers, this isn't just gross incompetence. It's as treasonous as treason. We cats HISS.

(IMAGE: Move over, Ben. You're about to be dislodged from your perch.)

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